Training for Early

Diagnosis of Autism

In collaboration with the CARD conference, PALS provided training in the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), the “gold-standard” diagnostic tool for assessing children and adults with autism spectrum disorders.  Over the past seven years, 600 Florida professionals attended this training, enhancing the number of trained evaluators across the PALS region as well as the rest of the state.


Statewide CARD Conference- PALS organizes and supports the statewide annual conference for the Centers for Autism & Related Disabilities each January in Florida.


Summer Autism Institute

In conjunction with UCF CARD and local School Districts, PALS collaborates to provide Autism training for new and returning educators.


Hispa Autismo is an annual Hispanic conference, with all presentations presented in Spanish.


PALS is an acronym for Providing Autism Links & Supports. It is a 501c3 organization that serves Central Florida, therefore donations are tax deductible according to Florida law. The mission of PALS is to create opportunities for individuals in Central Florida, who are registered with the UCF Center for Autism by providing state-of-the-art inclusive programs to optimize positive outcomes as they learn, play, work and live in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, Sumter, Lake, Volusia and Seminole counties.


The vision of PALS is become the leading non-profit grassroots organization in Central Florida by providing evidence-based supports, services and programs for individuals with ASD to become included members of the community as they learn, play and work in Central Florida, and by piloting innovative programs and empowering their parents, family members. professionals, and siblings through educational interventions.

What is PALS?

PALS offers programs to individuals on the autism spectrum and their families who are registered with UCF CARD. Below is a list and description of each program we offer. Please note that some programs are closed and individuals must be invited or recommended in order to participate. There are specific qualifications that must be met for certain programs, and interviews or screenings may be required to become a participant. PALS reserves the right to ask individuals to leave a program if they do not fit criteria or are not appropriate for the group.




PALS offers numerous family events in the community that facilitate communication between families as well as networking opportunities. Children and adults across the spectrum who are registered with CARD are welcome to attend with their families. Events will usually include picnics/potlucks, bowling, pottery, or other events where families can get together with support from PALS and UCF CARD and do things in the community that they might otherwise be unable to do.  Registration with UCF CARD will serve as confirmation of ASD diagnosis for purposes of taking advantage of PALS offerings.




An annual spring event on UCF Campus to celebrate autism and unite families in a fun filled activity day with games, prizes, buddies and more!

An annual fall event on UCF Campus to celebrate aspergers and unite families in a fun filled activity day with games, prizes, music and more!

Education Training Conferences

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Providing Autism Links and Support creates opportunities for autism 


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