Philosophy and Values 

All people, regardless of their abilities or disabilities, have the right to live as full participants in society.


All people have the right to be treated with dignity and understanding.


People with disabilities are members of families.  All families have strengths and capacities.  They have the right to be treated with sensitivity and respect and as integral members of a person’s support system.


People with autism and related disabilities have the right to be regarded as individuals who need services and supports that are based on their unique characteristics.

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Always feel free to call our office at 407.823.6020 or email for PALS functions for CARD registrants.

Providing Autism Links & Supports (PALS) is the 501c3 non-profit supporting organization for the University of Central Florida Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (UCF-CARD).  


The mission of PALS is to create opportunities for individuals, of all ages, with autism spectrum disorders (ASD),  registered with the UCF-CARD by providing state-of-the-art social inclusive community programs in Orange, Osceola, Brevard, Sumter, Lake, Volusia, and Seminole counties to optimize positive outcomes as they learn, play, work and live.  


Donations to PALS are tax deductible according to Florida state law.  All funds raised remain within Central Florida.


The vision of PALS is to become the leading non-profit grassroots organization in Central Florida through providing evidence-based supports, services and programs for individuals with ASD to become included members of the community by piloting innovative programs and empowering their parents, family members, professionals, and siblings through educational interventions.


The core values that PALS promotes are dignity, respect, accountability, collaboration, compassion and trust. PALS will strive for a collaborative effort by staff, family members, outside individuals and agencies.  The abilities, interests, and preferences of all people served by PALS will be the prime focus of consideration while providing education, services and programs.

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