Events, trainings, and programs offered by UCF Center for Autism & Related Disabilities (UCF-CARD) and Providing Autism Links & Support (PALS, UCF CARD’s Supporting Nonprofit).

To participate in PALS programs and or events individuals MUST be registered with UCF CARD and meet criteria for the program, if required.

For more information call 407.823.6020 or consult with your UCF CARD Autism Disorder Specialist.

Check the calendar on a regular basis. Events are added daily!

For the safety and privacy of our constituents most  events are password protected.  You MUST be registered with UCF CARD and meet criteria for certain programs/events.  To access your password contact PALS at 407.823.6020 or your UCF CARD Autism Disorder Specialist. 

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Your generous donations assist PALS mission to continously build opportunities for individuals with autism, registered with the UCF CARD program, in Central Florida! Most of our events are password protected to register. This is for the protection of our participants.  You MUST be REGISTERED with UCF CARD to participate and for some programs there is a criteria that must be met.


PO BOX 781458

ORLANDO. FL 32878-1458

EIN: 01-0717788


407.823.6012 (F)

[email protected]

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