Yaritza Maldonado is the Founder and lead Luxury Travel Advisor at Luxe & Chic Travel, where she has dedicated over six years excelling in crafting luxury travel experiences and forming strategic partnerships. Her unwavering commitment to creating unforgettable journeys has garnered her prestigious recognition as a Condé Nast Top Travel Specialist for consecutive years in 2021 and 2022.


Yaritza’s expertise extends beyond travel. With a rich corporate background in the aviation industry, she has held pivotal roles at Thales Avionics and JetBlue Airways. In these positions, she showcased her exceptional talent in overseeing intricate logistics, ensuring quality adherence to industry regulations, and spearheading the implementation of continuous improvement strategies for the for the IFE Team (In-Flight Entertainment).


However, Yaritza’s journey is not solely defined by her professional achievements. As a devoted mother of two remarkable boys, aged 25 and 8, both of whom have Autism, Yaritza maintains a profound personal connection to her work. Her unwavering passion for supporting and advocating for individuals and families affected by Autism fuels her commitment to making a meaningful impact within the Autism community.


In her capacity as one of the newest board members of UCF PALS, Yaritza aligns her diverse experiences with PALS’ mission to create opportunities for individuals with autism of all ages. Her goal is to contribute to the growth and engagement of this nonprofit within the community, firmly believing that through collective effort, we can optimize positive outcomes for those with Autism, empowering them to learn, play, work, and live to their fullest potential.